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Getting Started

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Engineering Design and Graphics with SolidWorks 2019, author James Bethune gets you started on SolidWorks. This chapter will show you how to start a New drawing and introduce the Line, Circle, and Edit tools. The Smart Dimension tool will be used to define and edit lines and circles. Line colors and relationships will also be introduced.

1-12 Lines and Angles – Sample Problem SP1-2

Figure 1-33 shows a 2D shape that includes two angles. The dimensions are in inches. This section will show how to create the shape.

  1. 1.jpg Click the Sketch tab, the Front Plane, and the Sketch tool.

See Figure 1-34.

  1. 2.jpg Use the Line tool and sketch the approximate shape.

Start the first line of the shape on the origin. Sketch the shape slightly larger than the final shape.

  1. 3.jpg Add dimensions to the shape.

  2. 4.jpg Click the left vertical line and the left angled line and move the cursor away from the shape to create an angular dimension.

  3. 5.jpg Select a location for the dimension and click the mouse.

  4. 6.jpg Enter the angle value.

In this example the value is 30°.

  1. 7.jpg Complete the remaining dimensions.

  2. 8.jpg Ensure that the shape is fully defined.

  3. 9.jpg Click the Features tab, the Extrude Boss/Base tool, and define the depth.

In this example, a depth of 0.50 was entered. See Figure 1-35.

  1. 10.jpg Click the green OK check mark and then click the drawing screen.

All the lines in the shape should be black indicating the shape is fully defined. See Figure 1-36.

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