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Getting Started

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Engineering Design and Graphics with SolidWorks 2019, author James Bethune gets you started on SolidWorks. This chapter will show you how to start a New drawing and introduce the Line, Circle, and Edit tools. The Smart Dimension tool will be used to define and edit lines and circles. Line colors and relationships will also be introduced.

1-13 Holes

There are several different ways to create holes using SolidWorks. Most holes are created using the Hole Wizard tool. Hole Wizard is explained in Chapter 3. For purposes of this introductory chapter, holes will be created using the Circle and Extrude Cut tools. A circle will be created and then cut through the 3D shape. All holes will be simple through holes; that is, they will go completely through the shape.

To Create a Hole

Figure 1-37 shows the 3D shape created in Sample Problem SP1-1. Two Ø20.0 holes have been added.

  1. 1.jpg Click the File tool heading at the top of the screen and click the Open option, or click the Open tool.

  2. 2.jpg Locate and click the BLOCK file created and saved in the last section.

See Figure 1-38. In this example the file was located on the C: drive under the file heading SolidWorks 2019.

  1. 3.jpg Click the BLOCK file, and click Open.

The BLOCK will appear on the screen. See Figure 1-39.

  1. 4.jpg Click the View Orientation tool and select the Normal To option.

This will create a view from an orientation point 90° to the surface. This is called a normal view. See Figure 1-40.

For this exercise we will work in a three-dimensional isometric plane. See Figure 1-41.

  1. 5.jpg Again click the View Orientation icon, but this time select the small hexagonal surface to create an Isometric orientation.

  2. 6.jpg Create a Sketch plane on the front surface of the BLOCK, then use the Circle tool and add two circles using the given dimensions.

  3. 7.jpg Click the Features tab, and the Extruded Cut tool.

  4. 8.jpg Set the cut depth for 20.

The Extruded Cut tool should automatically select the two circles. If it does not, click the circles. A preview should appear.

  1. 9.jpg Click the green OK check mark.

  2. 10.jpg Click the drawing screen.

The holes should appear in the shape.

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