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Getting Started

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Engineering Design and Graphics with SolidWorks 2019, author James Bethune gets you started on SolidWorks. This chapter will show you how to start a New drawing and introduce the Line, Circle, and Edit tools. The Smart Dimension tool will be used to define and edit lines and circles. Line colors and relationships will also be introduced.

1-7 Moving Around the Drawing Screen

SolidWorks includes several methods that allow you to move entities about the screen. Entities can be moved, zoomed, or reorientated. Figure 1-21 shows the line created in the previous section.

To Zoom the Line

  1. 1.jpg Rotate the mouse wheel.

The line will increase and decrease in length.

To Move the Line

  1. 1.jpg Hold down the Control <Ctrl> key; press and hold down the mouse wheel.

  2. 2.jpg Move the mouse around.

The line will follow the mouse movement.

To Reorientate the Line

  1. 1.jpg Click the line.

  2. 2.jpg Hold down the mouse wheel and move the mouse.

The mouse’s orientation will follow the mouse movement.

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