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In this sample chapter from Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD 2020, author Bethune presents the fundamentals of freehand sketching as applied to technical situations. It includes both two-dimensional and three-dimensional sketching. Like any skill, freehand sketching is best learned by lots of practice.

4-10 Sample Problem SP4-2

Sketch the object shown in Figure 4-18. Do not include dimensions, but keep the object proportional.

  • 1.jpg Use the overall dimensions of the object to sketch a rectangular prism of the correct proportions. This is a critical step. If the first attempt is not proportionally correct, erase it and sketch again until a satisfactory result is achieved. See Figure 4-19.

  • 2.jpg Sketch the cutout.

  • 3.jpg Sketch the rounded surfaces. Note how axis lines are sketched and the elliptical shape added. Tangency lines are added, and visually incorrect lines are erased.

  • 4.jpg Sketch the holes. The holes are located by locating their centerlines and then sketching the required ellipses.

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