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In this sample chapter from Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD 2020, author Bethune presents the fundamentals of freehand sketching as applied to technical situations. It includes both two-dimensional and three-dimensional sketching. Like any skill, freehand sketching is best learned by lots of practice.

4-2 Establishing Your Own Style

As you learn how to sketch and practice sketching, you will find that you develop your own way of doing things, your own style. This is very acceptable, as there is no absolutely correct method for sketching, but only recommendations.

The most important requirement of freehand sketching is that you be comfortable. As you practice and experiment, you may find that you prefer a certain pencil lead hardness, a certain angle for your paper, and a certain way to make your lines, both straight and curved. You may find that you prefer to use oblique sketches rather than isometric sketches when sketching three-dimensional objects. Eventually, you will develop a style that is comfortable for you and that you can consistently use to create good-quality sketches.

It is recommended that you try all the types of sketches presented in the chapter. Only after you have tried and practiced all of the different types will you be able to settle on a technique and style that works best for you.

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