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Vector Drawing Techniques

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book (2020 release), authors Faulkner and Chavez cover the differences between bitmap images and vector graphics. You'll then learn to draw straight and curved paths using the Pen tool, save paths, draw and edit shape layers, and more.

Review answers

  • 1 Bitmap, or raster, images are based on a grid of pixels and are appropriate for continuous-tone images such as photographs or artwork created in painting programs. Vector graphics are made up of shapes based on mathematical expressions and are appropriate for illustrations, type, and drawings that require clear, smooth lines.

  • 2 Drag the next point with the Pen tool.

  • 3 To add a preset shape, open the Shapes panel, find the shape, and drag it into the document window.

  • 4 You use the Direct Selection tool to move, resize, and edit shapes. You can also modify and scale a selected shape or path by choosing Edit > Free Transform.

  • 5 You can change the shape of a curved path segment by using the Direction Selection tool to drag either of a curved segment’s two anchor points, the direction points for either anchor point, or the curved segment itself.

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