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Getting to Know Indesign

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Adobe InDesign Classroom in a Book (2020 release), authors Tina DeJarld and Kelly Kordes Anton walk you through the basics of InDesign. You'll learn about the building blocks of an Adobe InDesign layout: objects, text, and graphics.

Exploring on your own

To learn more about InDesign, try the following within the postcard layout:

  • Change the text formatting by choosing other options in the Properties panel.

  • Apply different paragraph and character styles to text. Apply the object style to different objects.

  • Move and resize objects and graphics.

  • Modify a paragraph, character, or object style and change its formatting. Notice how the change affects the text or objects to which the style is applied.

Review questions

  • 1. What tool allows you to create text frames?

  • 2. What tool allows you to thread text frames?

  • 3. What symbol indicates that a text frame has more text than it can display—that is, overset text?

  • 4. What tool allows you to move both frames and graphics within frames?

  • 5. How can you tell if an aspect of a layout will cause output problems?

Review answers

  • 1. You create text frames with the Type tool.

  • 2. You thread text frames with the Selection tool.

  • 3. A red plus sign in the lower-right corner of a text frame indicates overset text.

  • 4. The Selection tool lets you drag a graphics frame (and its graphic) to move it, and it lets you move a graphic within its frame.

  • 5. The Preflight panel reports errors when something in the layout does not comply with the selected preflight profile. For example, if the selected profile specifies no RGB color usage but an RGB color or image is used in the document, an error is reported. Preflight errors are also reported in the lower-left corner of the document window.

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