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Animating Text

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Adobe After Effects Classroom in a Book (2020 release), authors Fridsma and Gyncild teach you to create and animate text layers. You will learn to stylize text using the Character and Paragraph panels, apply and customize text animation presets, and more.

Animating an image to replace text

You’ve used several animation presets to change the way text appears onscreen. Now you’ll use one to make text disappear. You’ll import a logo, and animate it to swoop in and appear to erase the BLUE CRAB CHARTERS text, replacing it.

Animating an imported image

First you’ll import the logo and animate its position.

  1. Click the Project tab to bring the Project panel forward, and then double-click an empty area in the Project panel to open the Import File dialog box.

  2. Select the BlueCrabLogo.psd file in the Lessons/Lesson03/Assets folder. Choose Composition – Retain Layer Sizes from the Import As menu. (In macOS, you may need to click Options to see the Import As menu.) Then click Import or Open.

  3. In the BlueCrabLogo.psd dialog box, select Editable Layer Styles, and click OK.

  4. Drag the BlueCrabLogo composition into the Timeline panel, placing it at the top of the layer stack.

The logo is centered on the screen, but you want it to enter from the left and move down to replace Blue Crab Charters. You’ll animate the layer’s Position and Scale properties to do that.

  1. With the BlueCrabLogo layer selected, press P to reveal its Position property. Then press Shift+S to reveal the Scale property as well.

  2. Move the current-time indicator to 10:00.

  3. Change the Position values to –810, 122, and the Scale to 25%. Then click the stopwatch (stopwatch.jpg) next to each property to create initial keyframes.

  4. Go to 11:00, and change the Position to 377, 663, and the Scale to 85%. After Effects creates keyframes for the properties.

The logo moves into position, but you want it to swoop in, rather than moving in a straight line. You’ll add some intermediate Position keyframes.

  1. Go to 10:15, and change the Position to 139, 633.

  2. Go to 10:30, and change the Position to 675, 633.

  3. Go to 10:00, and press the spacebar to preview the animation. Press the spacebar again to stop the preview, and then hide the layer properties.

Applying an animation preset

The logo swoops in. Now you’ll apply an animation preset to make it appear that the logo is erasing the text as it arrives.

  1. Go to 10:10, and select the BLUE CRAB CHARTERS layer.

  2. In the Effects & Presets panel, search for Fade Out By Character.

  3. Double-click the Fade Out By Character preset to apply it to the layer.

  4. With the BLUE CRAB CHARTERS layer selected, press U to see its animated properties.

  5. Go to 10:12.

  6. Move the first Range Selector 1: Start keyframe to 10:12.

  7. Go to 10:29, and move the second Range Selector 1: Start keyframe to 10:29.

  8. Press the spacebar to preview your project, and then press the spacebar again to stop the preview.

  9. Press U to hide the layer properties, and save your work.

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