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Animating Text

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Adobe After Effects Classroom in a Book (2020 release), authors Fridsma and Gyncild teach you to create and animate text layers. You will learn to stylize text using the Character and Paragraph panels, apply and customize text animation presets, and more.

Animating a layer’s position

You’ve used several text animation presets to dazzle your audience. For a simpler effect, you can animate the Transform properties for a text layer, just as you can any other layer.

Currently, the company logo appears onscreen, but there’s no context for it. You’ll add the words “Providing Excursions Daily,” animating them so that they move into position as the company name is appearing onscreen.

  1. In the FishSwim Timeline panel, go to 11:30.

At this point, all the other text is onscreen, so you can position the “Providing Excursions Daily” line accurately.

  1. Select the Horizontal Type tool (type.jpg).

  2. Make sure no layers are selected, and then click in the Composition panel. Make sure you’re clicking in an area that doesn’t overlap an existing text layer.

  3. Type Providing Excursions Daily.

  4. Select the Providing Excursions Daily layer. Then, in the Character panel, choose Calluna Sans Bold from the Font Family menu. Set the Font Size to 48 px.

  5. In the Character panel, make sure the Fill Color box is set to white.

  6. Select Small Caps. Leave all other options at their default settings.

  7. Select the Selection tool (selection.jpg), and then drag the Providing Excursions Daily layer so that the text is aligned with the bottom of the logo and the right edge of Snorkel Tours.

  8. Press P to display the layer’s Position property. Click the stopwatch icon (stopwatch.jpg) to create an initial keyframe for the layer.

  9. Go to 11:00, the point where the logo has replaced the company name.

  10. Drag the Providing Excursions Daily layer off the right edge of the Composition window. Press the Shift key as you drag to create a straight path.

  11. Preview the animation, and then hide the Position property.

It’s simple, but effective. The text moves in from the right side and stops in its final position beside the logo.

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