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Creating A Photo Book

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic Classroom in a Book (2020 release), author Rafael Concepcion teaches you how to design beautiful, sophisticated book layouts, and then publish them without leaving Lightroom.

Creating a saved book

Since you entered the Book module, you’ve been working with an unsaved book, as is indicated in the bar across the top of the work area.

Until you save your book layout, the Book module works like a scratch pad. You can move to another module, or even close Lightroom, and find your settings unchanged when you return, but if you need to clear the layout to begin another project, all your work will be lost.

Converting your project to a saved book not only preserves your work, but also links your book layout to the particular set of images for which it was designed.

Your photo book is saved as a special kind of collection—an output collection—with its own listing in the Collections panel. Clicking this listing will instantly retrieve the images you were working with and reinstate all of your settings, no matter how many times the book layout scratch pad has been cleared.

  1. Click the Create Saved Book button in the bar at the top of the work area, or click the New Collection button in the header of the Collections panel and choose Create Book.

  2. In the Create Book dialog box, type Dubai Book as the name for your saved layout. Make sure that, in the Location options, the Inside option is selected with the Dubai collection chosen from the menu, then click Create.

Your saved book appears in the Collections panel, marked with a Saved Book icon and nested inside the source collection. The image count shows that the output collection includes only six of the photos in the source collection. The bar above the work area shows the name of the book.


Depending on the way you like to work, you can save your book layout at any point in the process—you could create a saved book as soon as you enter the Book module with a selection of images, or wait until your design is finalized.

Once you’ve saved your book project, any further changes you make to the design are auto-saved as you work.

Copying a saved book

Your saved photo book design represents a lot of effort. If you want to try something different without losing what you already have, or add pages and photos without a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve, you can duplicate your saved book and make changes to it without the risk of losing your work thus far.

  1. Right-click your saved book in the Collections panel and choose Duplicate Book from the menu.

If you’re happy with your extended design, you can delete the original saved book, and then rename the duplicate.

  1. Right-click the original saved book in the Collections panel and choose Delete, then confirm the deletion.

  2. Right-click the duplicated book in the Collections panel and choose Rename. In the Rename Book dialog box, delete the word Copy from the end of the book’s name, and then click Rename.

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