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Advanced Motion Tweening with Adobe Animate

Chapter Description

Learn how to use the Motion Editor in Adobe Animate to edit property and ease curves and create more realistic motion.

Adding motion tweens

You’ll start this project by animating the three boxes representing the US Dollar, the Euro, and the Japanese Yen. The three boxes will start below the Stage and rise up.

  1. Select all three blocks (the ones with the US flag, the European Union flag, and the Japanese flag).

  2. Right-click the multiple selection and choose Create Motion Tween.

    Animate creates motion tweens for all three movie clip instances and extends the timeline for those three layers to frame 24, representing one second of time.

  3. Move the blue playhead to frame 24.

  4. Add additional frames to the other two layers so they extend to frame 24.

  5. Select all three blocks and, while holding down the Shift key, move them up onto the Stage. Drag the blocks high enough onto the Stage so that they’ll have room to fall down and tumble over. The American block should be positioned at about Y=160.

    Ending keyframes are added to all three instances.

  6. Press Return/Enter to preview your animation.

    The three blocks move upward onto the Stage, sticking together.

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