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Organizing Media in Adobe Premier Pro

Chapter Description

Learn how to organize your clips using the Project panel in Adobe Premiere Pro. This sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Adobe Press.

Starting the lesson

When you have lots of clips in your project, imported from several different media types, it can be a challenge to stay on top of everything and always find that magic shot when you need it.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to organize your clips using the Project panel. You’ll create special folders, called bins, to divide your clips into categories. You’ll also learn about adding important metadata and labels to your clips.

You’ll begin by getting to know the Project panel and organizing your clips.

  1. For this lesson, you’ll use the project file you used in Lesson 3, “Importing Media.” Continue to work with the project file from the previous lesson. Alternatively, open the project file Lesson 04.prproj from the Lessons folder.

  2. To begin, reset the workspace to the default. In the Workspaces panel, click Editing. Then click the panel menu adjacent to the Editing option, and choose Reset To Saved Layout.

  3. Choose File > Save As.

  4. Rename the file to Lesson 04 Working.prproj.

  5. Browse to the Lessons folder, and click Save to save the project.

    By saving a new version of the project file you can always go back to the previous version—it’s an electronic paper trail.

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