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Creating and Editing Graphics with Adobe XD

Starting the lesson

In this lesson, you’ll create vector shapes in the form of buttons, icons, and other graphic elements. To start, you’ll open a final lesson file to get an idea of what you will create in this lesson.

  1. Start Adobe XD, if it’s not already open.

  2. On macOS, choose File > Open From Your Computer. On Windows, click the menu icon (menu_icon.jpg) in the upper-left corner of the application window and choose Open From Your Computer. Open the file named L4_end.xd, which is in the Lessons > Lesson04 folder that you copied onto your hard disk.

  3. If the Assets panel opens on the left and you see a Missing Fonts message, close the Assets panel by clicking Assets panel icon (assets_panel.jpg) in the lower left.

  4. Choose View > Zoom To Fit All (macOS) or Zoom To Fit All from the Zoom menu (Windows) in the upper right and leave the file open for reference.

    This file shows you what you will create by the end of the lesson.

  5. Leave the file open for reference, or choose File > Close (macOS) or click the X in the upper-right corner of the open window (Windows) to close the file.

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