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The Flash MX Game Design Plan: From Idea to Design

Chapter Description

This sample chapter discusses one game-design process that can help you structure your ideas and build your game intelligently and efficiently. This simple design process will help you plan for every part of the game.

Build the Game

Now that you have an excellent idea of what your final game is supposed to do, you can focus on actually creating it. Strategies for how to build spe-cific games are covered in Part 3 of this book. As there are many types of games, so there are many ways to approach putting them together. In the most generic sense, you will always:

  1. Create or collect all of the game assets, such as graphics and sounds.

  2. Build all of the major ActionScript functions needed for things like collision detection, collision reaction, and detection of the game rules (like whose turn it is).

  3. Hook up everything together to form a game ready for testing.

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