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Initial Thoughts on a ColdFusion MX Content Management Project

Chapter Description

Sit in with the folks at fictional XR Solutions as they plot out a strategy for a content management project.

The User Interface (UI)

While Sam plays with creating a rules engine, Teri plays with UI ideas. There are actually two very different interfaces needed: the one seen by the end user and the one used to create content. The end-user UI is not an issue at this point, given the separation of presentation and content and all that. But to better understand how content would be entered into the system, Teri makes some initial notes:

Need a log-in screen.

When logged in, user sees menu like this [Figure 1-2.6].

Need a categories screen to add and create categories.

Need a way to enter content, HTML form.

Pages are simply collections of categories. Need a way to select them and put them in order.

I-2.6I-2.6 Menu flow.

Teri's UI thoughts are clearly influenced by her chat with Sam and Al earlier that day. She knows that there is probably a lot more needed and decides that she can't do much more without seeing the final application flow and the details of the underlying content management system.

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