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Initial Thoughts on a ColdFusion MX Content Management Project

Chapter Description

Sit in with the folks at fictional XR Solutions as they plot out a strategy for a content management project.

Putting It All Together

On Friday the team meets. This time Teri is volunteered to keep minutes.


Present:  Mark Foster, team lead
          Sam Carlson, developer
          Teri Martin, developer
          Vijay Singh, database administrator
          Al Sharpe, intern

Al explained the content-management system. Here are the key points:

  • We will build it ourselves.
  • We'll use a ColdFusion component (CFC) to encapsulate all content-management functionality. The component methods would expose still more methods for creating and managing categories, creating and managing articles, creating and managing pages, and supporting methods.
  • User information would be stored in whatever system EduHealth currently uses, while user preferences for the content-management system would be stored in the content-management system itself.
  • Al and Teri will build a prototype together.

Mark asked if all were in agreement to use ColdFusion for this project. There were no objections, and no one could think of any reason not to use ColdFusion. So, CF it is.

Sam presented his findings on the rules engine. Mark is still cynical but allows Sam to go off and create it. Mark wants regular feedback. Teri presented her UI scribbles. Sam says she should stick to coding. Teri could call him a name that will not go into these meeting notes. Teri asked what would be used to enter content? HTML forms can be used, but an editor of sorts might be needed. Need to research. Vijay explained his database ideas.

Mark has enough information to meet client with sales rep.

Action Items:

  • Al and Teri work on content-management prototype
  • Teri to look at editor options
  • Sam to keep playing with rules
  • Vijay to build databases and host for team

Meeting adjourned.

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