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Using Vector Tools in Fireworks MX

Using the Polygon Tool

The next step in creating the mint for the logo is to add the red stripes around the edge. If you have one of these candies in front of you, you'll notice that the red edges are really small triangles. You'll use the Polygon tool to draw one of the triangles.

  1. Choose the Polygon tool on the Tools panel.

    With the Polygon tool, you can draw any equilateral polygon (all sides are equal in length), from a triangle to a 360-sided polygon. With the Star option of the Polygon tool, you can draw stars with 3 to 360 points and a full range of point angles.

  2. Select Polygon from the Shape pop-up menu in the Property inspector and enter 3 for the number of sides. Automatic should be checked.

    Figure 2-18

    If your guides are not visible, turn them on again by choosing View > Guides > Show Guides.

  3. Draw a triangle on the canvas.

    You want the triangle placed on the top part of the circle with one of the points (a vertex) pointing down. Position the cursor on the vertical guide at the top of the circle. Hold down Shift and drag downward. This draws the triangle with one vertex pointing down. If you don't hold down Shift, you will need to move the mouse around to get the vertex placement correct.

    Figure 2-19

  4. Fill the triangle with the same red color you used for the stroke of the circle.

    Figure 2-20

    You can use the Tools panel or the Property inspector to change the color. Click the Fill Color box and choose red (#CC0000) from the color pop-up window.

Using the Scale Tool

The Scale tool can be used both to scale and rotate an object. With the Scale tool, you can proportionally scale an object, or you can distort the object by dragging a handle on one of the sides.

  1. With the triangle still selected, choose the Scale tool on the Tools panel.

    Handles appear around the triangle.

    Move the pointer close to (but not touching) one of the corner handles. The pointer changes to a circular arrow, indicating that you are in rotating mode.

    Move the pointer on top of one of the handles. The cursor changes to a double-ended arrow, indicating that you are in scale mode.

    Figure 2-21

  2. Using the Scale cursor, drag one of the handles, moving it in toward the center.

    You want a skinny triangle. When the triangle is the size you want, press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh) to set the size. Once you change the size of the triangle, it may move off the center of your guides. Use the arrow keys to nudge the triangle back to the center of the guide. The bottom vertex of the triangle should be on the vertical guide.


    To scale the triangle from the center so you don't have to move it, choose Modify > Transform > Numeric Transform. Choose Scale from the pop-up menu. Deselect Constrain Proportions and then enter a smaller value for the width percentage. When you click OK, the triangle width is resized from the center.

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