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Creating a Flash Email Client Application

Chapter Description

This chapter explores the architecture and the means of creating a simple email management program using Flash MX, XML, Java, and Microsoft Access. The program handles email by using the person's pre-existing email account.


This chapter walks through the process of building an Email Client application, from looking at customer requirements to building a functionality blueprint, from creating the data definition to finally developing and coding our processes. It shows how an application consists of the front-end (Flash), the server back-end (Java), and the database (Microsoft Access). Peachmail demonstrates the use of Flash MX to develop our concept.

Peachmail follows a create-send-callback routine to process data requests and responses. It uses XML as its data format and creates a class to adhere to strict data request definitions. It shows the use of prototyping to create custom classes for specific data requirements, like data request handling and listbox handling. It enables you to see how local connections serve to interface external .swfs so that data transactions can occur between them.

Best of all, Joe, our resident Peachmail user, is now enjoying his vacation, thanks to Peachmail. What a jolly good fellow!