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Designing Adobe GoLive Web Pages

Chapter Description

Adobe GoLive provides you with a variety of tools for laying out your Web pages. It also provides you with several ways to quickly add objects and apply colors frequently used in your Web site, saving you both time and effort. In this lesson, you’ll explore the various tools for page layout as you work on the design of three Web pages.

Previewing in GoLive

To preview each Web page, do the following:

  1. In the site window, double-click index.html, appraise.html, or hottest.html to open the page. Remember, the appraise.html and hottest.html files are located in the pages folder.

  2. In the document window, click the Preview tab to view the page in Layout Preview.

    GoLive displays a preview of the page. Notice the change in the navigation bar that reflects the change you made to the component.


    You haven't linked the pages yet, so you will have to view them separately. You'll link pages in Lesson 5, "Creating Navigational Links."

  3. When you have finished viewing the pages, close any open pages and the site window.

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