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Planning a ColdFusion Mail Client


  1. Client Overview
  2. Project Overview

Chapter Description

Follow along with FlashFusion, a fictional company tasked with outlining, developing, and deploying a web-based email client.

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Client Overview

Simpleton is the grandfather of software development companies providing integrated solutions for "Fortuitous 500" companies throughout the world. Simpleton's new and improved initiative is to become involved with Web application development and provide cutting-edge solutions for its clients. This includes creating dynamic Web applications that use an application server technology integrated with a unique user interface. This will allow Simpleton to grasp the power of both the client and server. With the technology available today, Simpleton would like to be involved with creating the next generation of Web applications that are robust and fully integrated.

The Simpleton executives have outlined a list of initial objectives, which include:

  • Keep it simple (hence the company name) and start developing integrated Web applications.

  • Streamline the development process by allowing developers and designers to work in conjunction with each other.

  • Use leading Web technologies to build unique, user-friendly applications.

  • Create application logic that can be reused for future projects or even licensed to interested parties.

  • Build applications that are intuitive and will set Simpleton apart from the competition.

  • Generate increased revenues based on a new generation of Web applications.

Simpleton maintains a staff of in-house developers who will be responsible for developing Web applications in the future. In the meantime, Flash-Fusion Inc. has been contracted to demonstrate the development process and provide support to Simpleton's development group. The development group will be shadowing FlashFusion and learning how to build integrated applications from start to finish. After Simpleton's developers have studied the process they will be responsible for deploying all future applications.

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