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Introducing ColdFusion

Chapter Description

Before diving into ColdFusion and web-based applications, start with this introduction and see what lies behind this powerful language.

Powered by ColdFusion

You were probably planning to use ColdFusion to solve a particular problem or fill a specific need. Although this book helps you do just that, I hope that your mind is now racing and beginning to envision just what else ColdFusion can do for your Web site.

In its relatively short life, ColdFusion has proven itself to be a solid, reliable, and scalable development platform. ColdFusion MX is the eighth major release of this product, and with each release it becomes an even better and more useful tool. It is easy to learn, fun to use, and powerful enough to create real-world, Web-based applications. With a minimal investment of your time, your Web site can be powered by ColdFusion MX.