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Adding Transitions in Premiere

Chapter Description

In this sample chapter, you'll create a short prelude to a television program about dreams, using transitions between clips, special effects, and precisely trimmed clips.

Exploring on your own

Feel free to experiment with the project you have just created. Here are some suggestions:

  • Change the direction of a transition (click the Track Selector), and then preview the results.

  • Open the settings dialog box for one of the transitions (double-click the transition) and see how the options affect the transition.

  • Look at the differences in the appearance of transition icons when you change the icon size in the Timeline Window Options dialog box (make the Timeline window active and then, from the title bar, choose Window > Window Options > Timeline Window Options).

  • Look at the difference in the appearance of the transition icons when you change the Time Zoom Level to 1/2 Second and then to 1 Second.

  • Practice using the shortcuts listed on the Premiere Quick Reference Card and in Premiere Help to preview in the Monitor window and the Timeline window.

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