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Scaling with ColdFusion MX

Chapter Description

This sample chapter will concentrate on what you need to know about scaling with Cold-Fusion MX: scaling considerations, writing ColdFusion MX applications that will scale, keeping server data in sync, the differences between hardware and software load-balancing options, scaling with ClusterCATS, and scaling with hardware-based load-balancing devices.

Finishing Up

You've learned from this chapter that many pieces must come together to create highly scalable ColdFusion MX Web sites. Discussing scaling considerations before building your clustered server farm will help alleviate headaches later. Understanding how your clustered Web site will handle user sessions and connect to the Internet and back-end applications allows you to develop your applications so that they will scale well. Implementing the best load-balancing solution for your environment will minimize administration time later and provide your web site visitors with a pleasant user experience.