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Getting to Know the LiveMotion Work Area

Chapter Description

Before you start creating compositions with Adobe LiveMotion, you need to become familiar with the work area. The work area includes everything you need to use LiveMotion, including the Composition window, palettes, and menus. In this lesson, you'll practice the basics of using the work area. When you're done, you'll be ready to begin drawing, editing, and animating your own LiveMotion compositions.

Using the tools

The tools in the toolbox are essential to creating, editing, and viewing your LiveMotion compositions. The tools are "sticky." Once you select a tool, LiveMotion stays in that tool mode until you select another one. It's easy to switch between tools using their keyboard shortcuts.

Figure 2The tools and their keyboard shortcuts

  1. Select a tool by clicking on its icon in the toolbox. The selected tool icon is depressed in the toolbox.
  2. Notice that if you leave the pointer over a tool icon, a small box appears showing the name of the tool and its keyboard shortcut.

  3. Select a new tool by pressing its keyboard shortcut. The Toolbox keyboard shortcuts use just the letter keys (without any modifiers, such as Alt, Command, Shift, or Option).

  4. Next you'll use the selection tool to select an object.

  5. Select the selection tool () from the toolbox.

  6. The Composition window is the area within the main LiveMotion window that contains the white drawing area, or canvas.

  7. In the Composition window, click various objects. You can see a blue outline appear around selected objects. To select more than one object at a time, hold the Shift key while you click.

  8. Figure 3

    Once an object is selected, you can resize, move, and edit it using the tools and palettes.

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