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Getting to Know the LiveMotion Work Area

Chapter Description

Before you start creating compositions with Adobe LiveMotion, you need to become familiar with the work area. The work area includes everything you need to use LiveMotion, including the Composition window, palettes, and menus. In this lesson, you'll practice the basics of using the work area. When you're done, you'll be ready to begin drawing, editing, and animating your own LiveMotion compositions.

Previewing in LiveMotion

You can preview your compositions within LiveMotion to get an idea of how they will look when exported, and what your file size will be.

The Preview mode replicates the way your composition will look and act when it is exported; the palettes disappear, and you can see a cursor move and text appear.

  1. Click the Preview mode button () in the toolbox.

  2. Click the Edit mode button () in the toolbox to leave Preview mode.

  3. Choose View > Preview Export Compression.

  4. Select the front saucer in the composition. Notice that the bounding box is red; this indicates that you are in Preview Export Compression mode.

  5. The status bar is located at the bottom left of the active window (or program window in Windows NT and 2000). The status bar displays important information about the objects in your composition, such as file size and object type.

  6. Look at the status bar. The number on the left is the file size of your composition. The number on the right shows the size of the selected object.

  7. Figure 17

    The status bar shows to what format the saucer will be exported; in this case it is a bitmap object (). Objects can also be exported as vector objects (). If you have more than one object selected, the status bar will indicate if the objects will be exported as vectors, bitmaps, or a combination of both.

  8. Choose View > Preview Export Compression to exit Preview Export Compression mode. Click anywhere in the background to deselect any selected objects.

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