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Game Development with Flash

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In this age of Internet gaming, Matthew David tells why you need only one tool for building online games: Macromedia Flash MX.

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Don't Forget the Fun

The enhanced Flash interface is ideally suited to the developer and designer. As you saw from switching between panel layouts, you can quickly access the panels you need when you need them.

ActionScript is the cornerstone for the development of games: Not a single game can be successfully developed without it.

Whether the game format is educational, sponsor born, or just plain wacky, the bottom line is that the game must be fun. If you do not have fun with the games you create, it will show. Games that are mass produced lack the buzz and energy present in games that you are passionate about. Write and develop the game, and be possessed about it. This will cause you to produce the best and finest work you can. Your reviewers will see this and, hopefully, will applaud you.