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Collision Detection with Flash MX

Article Description

Collision detection is all about detecting objects and boundaries on the stage. Matthew David illustrates how to use collision detection in an arcade-style game.

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Colliding Onwards

The game used in this article explains why object collision is critical to the success of any arcade-style action game. You must know how to control a movie clip on the stage, and how to tell that movie clip to collide with another movie clip and know what do when the collision occurs. I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand not only how to use collision in your games, but also how to make the collision appear to be seamless to the game player. You want your customers to download the game and begin playing. The gameplay should appear intuitive. If your customer is wrestling with the movement of the game pieces and the ability to hit other pieces, then you have missed the ball. Your script here must be invisible—that is the magic of good script.