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Set Up a Basic Web Page in Dreamweaver MX 2004

Chapter Description

Never built a Web page before? No problem. Author J. Tarin Towers walks you through creating a simple Web page in Dreamweaver MX 2004 that uses tables, links, images, and text. She also shows you how to adjust properties of a page, including the title and page background, as well as how to select and use colors in Dreamweaver.

Colors and Windows

For choosing color, Windows users have a single, difficult dialog box to deal with, whereas Mac users get several different user-friendly options. Sorry, folks, that's the way it is.

To use the System Color picker (Windows)

  1. Open the Color picker ( Figure 3.64 ) by clicking on any Color Picker button colorbut.gif .

    Figure 3.64 Click on the Color Wheel button on the Color picker to open the System Color picker.

  2. On the Color picker, click on the Color Wheel button wheel.gif. The Color dialog box will appear ( Figure 3.65 ).
  3. You can choose one of the preselected colors by clicking on it, or you can select a slot for a custom color by first clicking on one of the Custom Colors boxes at the left of the dialog box.
  4. Click on a hue (color) in the large colors box, and then click on a shade (lighter or darker) in the narrow panel to the right of that. The combination of your clicks will be displayed in the Color|Solid box.
  5. To select this color, click the Add to Custom Colors button. Your color will appear in the box you selected in Step 3.
  6. Click OK to close the Color dialog box. The hex code for the color you chose will appear in the Color text box.
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