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What's New in Dreamweaver 8?

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After years of using Dreamweaver, Matthew David is excited by the latest version's new features for designers and developers. He covers his new favorites in this article.

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Integration with Other Macromedia Tools

Dreamweaver 8 was launched as a standalone tool and as part of a suite of tools called Studio 8, which includes Dreamweaver 8, Flash Professional 8, Fireworks 8, Contribute, and FlashPaper 2. Together, these tools form a collective Web development ecosystem. None of these products are first-generation; they're all mature and work well together.

The relationship between Flash and Dreamweaver is apparent with Dreamweaver's support for Flash Video. Unlike with other, third-party products, adding Flash Video to a Dreamweaver page can be accomplished in as few as five mouse clicks. You drag the Flash Video file onto the page, choose the playback options from the Properties Inspector, and then publish. It's that easy.

Fireworks has always had a strong relationship with Dreamweaver. The relationship continues with increased interoperability. Designs created in Fireworks can be exported as Dreamweaver-ready pages, using CSS rather than tables.

Studio 8 forms the backbone to the Macromedia Web Publishing System (WPS). If you're managing large Web sites, WPS can help you to manage user access, version control, and other management tools that large Web sites typically require.

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