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What's New in Dreamweaver 8?

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After years of using Dreamweaver, Matthew David is excited by the latest version's new features for designers and developers. He covers his new favorites in this article.

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Additional Dreamweaver 8 Tools

In addition to all of the great tools and features I've described so far, Dreamweaver 8 has a lot of other useful tools. One big improvement that will usher a loud "Hurrah!" from current Dreamweaver users is the improved file-transfer features. You can move files to a Web server and still keep working in Dreamweaver. No more long waits while files are moved.

Complementing the enhanced file-transfer features is increased support for WebDAV, a standard that allows you to write directly to an HTTP server instead of using FTP. Dreamweaver 8 supports improved connectivity over a broader range of Web servers.

Finally, an enhanced power user feature is the ability to copy-and-paste content from Microsoft Office files into Dreamweaver. Formatting is preserved.