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Is Microsoft's Sparkle the New Flash?

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Anyone who spends any time on the Web is familiar with Flash presentations. They're practically inescapable, they're usually fast, and they're easy to create. And now, they're in danger of being replaced—that is, if you’re buying what Microsoft has to sell you. Matthew David previews Microsoft's answer to the ubiquitous Flash: a new product whose beta name is "Sparkle."

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The Microsoft "Gotcha"

What Sparkle can deliver sounds all well and good. But should you be running out and buying Sparkle today and throwing your copy of Flash out the window?


Microsoft's Sparkle Interactive Designer comes at a high price. You must have the Windows Presentation Foundation installed to view any content. If you're running Windows XP SP2, you can download a beta release of Windows Presentation Foundation now, but note that Microsoft assumes you have a high-end video card on your computer for those beautiful 3D experiences that WPF delivers. You're also running beta software that's apt to change, break, and potentially crash your computer.

Sparkle applications are to be experienced on the upcoming release of Windows Vista. That means you'll need to wait until the third or fourth quarter of 2006 to deploy your Sparkle applications.

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