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Working with Layers in Fireworks 8

Chapter Description

The Layers feature is a powerful tool that helps you manage and organize objects on your page. Layers are transparent planes where you can create and store objects. In this lesson, you will create a Web page and use layers to control the placement of objects on the page.

Adding Texture and a Drop Shadow

To make the stick more realistic, you will add a wood texture. Textures are grayscale images that simulate a surface blended with the fill of the object. Adding a texture changes the intensity of the fill of an object. A texture of zero percent has no effect on the image. Increasing the texture value intensifies the effect on the fill. Textures can be applied to patterns, solids, gradient fills, and even strokes.

  1. Select the stick and then select Wood from the Texture pop-up menu in the Property inspector.

    A sample of the texture is displayed in the menu.

  2. Drag the amount slider to change the intensity of the texture.

    For this example, try 50 percent.

  3. Add a drop shadow to the stick.

    In Lesson 2, you added a bevel to the candy. You add a drop shadow in the same way. Click the Add Filters button in the Property inspector. Choose Shadow and Glow > Drop Shadow from the list. Adjust the settings to your liking.

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