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Working with Layers in Fireworks 8

Chapter Description

The Layers feature is a powerful tool that helps you manage and organize objects on your page. Layers are transparent planes where you can create and store objects. In this lesson, you will create a Web page and use layers to control the placement of objects on the page.

Using Single-Layer Editing

Single-layer editing, accessed from the Layers panel Options pop-up menu, makes only the currently selected layer accessible for editing. Objects on other layers cannot be selected. This is a little different from locking the layer and can be very handy when you are working with a complex image using many layers. When you lock a layer, you can’t select, edit, or change any objects on that layer until you unlock the layer. With single-layer editing, you can edit only objects on the selected layer; the other layers act as if they were locked. To select objects on other layers, you need to select the layer on the Layers panel.

  1. Use the Layers panel Options menu to choose Single Layer Editing.

    A check mark (PC) or a bullet (Mac) appears next to the command to indicate that it is selected. This option is a toggle. To deselect the option, choose the command again from the Layers panel Options pop-up menu.

  2. Make sure nothing is selected on the canvas and then select the Header layer on the Layers panel.

    Choose Select > Deselect or click outside the canvas area (but still within the document window) to deselect all objects on the page. Try to select the candy or the Sweet Creations text. With the Header layer selected on the Layers panel, you can’t select any object on another layer.

  3. Select the Logo layer on the Layers panel.

    Now try to select the rectangle on the Header layer. Again, it is not on the selected layer and so cannot be selected.

  4. Turn off single-layer editing.
  5. Save your file.
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