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Working with Layers in Fireworks 8

Chapter Description

The Layers feature is a powerful tool that helps you manage and organize objects on your page. Layers are transparent planes where you can create and store objects. In this lesson, you will create a Web page and use layers to control the placement of objects on the page.

Adjusting the Size and Placement of an Object

Often you’ll want to control or check the size of an object you’ve drawn. In this exercise, you have a rectangle on the page. You might have placed it exactly at the top of the page, but you want to verify that it is exact. You also want to verify that it is the same size as the canvas—800 pixels in this example.

With the rectangle selected, look at the Property inspector. The left section of the panel displays information about the rectangle: its size and placement on the canvas.

  1. In the Property inspector, enter 800 for the width of the rectangle and 118 for the height of the rectangle.

    The height of the rectangle should be larger than the height of the candy logo. If your logo is larger, you may need to adjust the rectangle height.

  2. Enter 0 (zero) for both the X and Y values of the rectangle in the Property inspector. To set the values, press Enter (PC) or Return (Mac), or click outside the panel.

    This places the rectangle at the top left of the canvas.

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