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Choose the Right Tool for Every Job in Photoshop CS2

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Photoshop has a number of selection tools. Some appear in the toolbox, but others are hidden in the Photoshop interface. Helen Bradley examines the tools, how they work, and how you might use them. Familiarizing yourself with these tools and understanding how to use them will allow you to make the best choice of tool for the job and get your work done much faster.

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The starting point for almost any Photoshop editing task is making a selection. Your choice of selection tools will determine how easy it is to make the desired selection and the quality of that selection—which in turn affects the final product.

Familiarizing yourself with the Photoshop selection tools is time that will pay dividends in the future. Using the right tool for a particular selection job not only will save you time in making the selection, but sets you up for a successful result in the next step in the editing process.

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