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How to Use Text in Flash 8

Chapter Description

Text is an important part of most Web sites, particularly informational or commercial sites. In this lesson, you'll add and format the properties of many text fields in Flash. You'll learn how to add a Filter effect to a static text field. You'll also spell check the entire document before you finish the lesson. This lesson gives you a foundation in the way text and fonts work and a good basis for using increasingly complex methods of working with text and components.

Using Text-Based Components

One of the ways you will add text to the Tech Bookstore application in upcoming lessons is by using text components. Text components include the TextArea and TextInput components. TextArea is used when you need to display larger blocks of text that can be scrolled. TextInput is when you need to have users enter data into a text field that can be collected and used. In some ways, these two components are replacements for the dynamic and input text fields discussed earlier. A drawback of using TextArea and TextInput instead of dynamic or input text fields is a greater file size, and sometimes you have to write or use more ActionScript to get them to work the way you need them to. The advantage of using these components is the wealth of things you can do using them, and the scroll bars that are automatically attached to the field.

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