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How to Use Text in Flash 8

Chapter Description

Text is an important part of most Web sites, particularly informational or commercial sites. In this lesson, you'll add and format the properties of many text fields in Flash. You'll learn how to add a Filter effect to a static text field. You'll also spell check the entire document before you finish the lesson. This lesson gives you a foundation in the way text and fonts work and a good basis for using increasingly complex methods of working with text and components.

What You Have Learned

In this lesson, you have:

  • Learned about the Text tool (pages 71–72)
  • Learned more about static text and device fonts (pages 72–80)
  • Tried embedding characters in a SWF file (pages 80–81)
  • Changed text properties using the Property inspector (pages 82–85)
  • Added a Filter to a static text field (pages 86–88)
  • Learned how to check spelling in your document (pages 88–89)
  • Learned more about text-based components and dynamic text fields (pages 89–90)