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Customize Dreamweaver Using Extensions

Chapter Description

As a Web developer, you might want to write an extension for Dreamweaver to handle a commonly used, and therefore repetitive, task. Or, you might have a unique requirement that you can satisfy only by writing an extension for the specific situation. In both cases, Dreamweaver provides an extensive set of tools that you can use to add to or to customize its functionality. This sample chapter discusses a number of ways you can extend Dreamweaver to suit your Web development needs.

Working with the Extension Manager

If you create extensions for others users, you must package them according to the guidelines on the Macromedia Exchange website (www.macromedia.com/exchange) under the Help > How to Create an Extension category. After you have written and tested an extension in the Extension Manager, select File > Package Extension. After the extension is packaged, you can submit it to the Exchange from the Extension Manager by selecting File > Submit Extension.

The Extension Manager comes with Dreamweaver. Details about its use are available in its Help files and on the Macromedia Exchange website.