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Secrets to Creating Compelling Photo Collages

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Although collage is an old art form, tools such as Photoshop CS2 give it a new twist. You don't need to get out paint, brushes, scissors, and glue to make art. Instead, everything you need is on your computer. With a handful of photos, Photoshop, and the desire to experiment, you're well on your way to creating collage art. Helen Bradley gives the how-to's for creating a collage in Photoshop by using photos and other techniques, and how to use some design and Photoshop tricks to make sure the result is balanced and pleasing to the eye.

Add Other Elements

Other elements you can add to your collage to give it visual texture include lines and text (see Figure 9). Use the Photoshop Pen tool to draw lines on the image, configure the foreground color, and set the brush shape and size. Click the Stroke Path with Brush icon in the foot of the Paths palette to complete the line. If you want the text to be readable and the lines highly visible over the background image, duplicate the layer containing the item and recolor it to a contrasting color. For example, make one line light cream and the other dark grey. Place one layer slightly offset from the other so you get a shadow effect.

Figure 9

Figure 9 You can add text and lines to the image and make them visible or integrated into the image itself like these are.

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