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Secrets to Creating Compelling Photo Collages

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Although collage is an old art form, tools such as Photoshop CS2 give it a new twist. You don't need to get out paint, brushes, scissors, and glue to make art. Instead, everything you need is on your computer. With a handful of photos, Photoshop, and the desire to experiment, you're well on your way to creating collage art. Helen Bradley gives the how-to's for creating a collage in Photoshop by using photos and other techniques, and how to use some design and Photoshop tricks to make sure the result is balanced and pleasing to the eye.


Almost since the first photos were taken, artists have used the processes of photomontage and collage to incorporate photos into their artwork. With digital photography and programs such as Photoshop CS2, anyone can create art using photos and other painted elements.

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