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How To Use AJAX Patterns

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Kris Hadlock explains how to use design patterns for AJAX development to keep your applications scalable, reusable, and efficient.

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The Multiuser Pattern

The multiuser pattern is essentially an expanded version of the data reflection pattern. It’s more robust because it creates an XML file that can be called in a dataReflection method instead of continually calling the database to check for new data. The chart in Figure 3 shows the flow of this pattern.

Figure 3

Figure 3 A multiuser pattern.

Instead of returning the data, this pattern uses the server-side language to create an XML file. The database data is concatenated into an XML structure and written to this file for the data reflection method to request. In other words, every time a user updates data, a new XML file is created on the server with the updated data. Since the data reflection method is running in the background on the client side, the new XML file is loaded on all users’ machines to display the updated content.

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