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Building Your First Page in Macromedia Dreamweaver 8

Chapter Description

After you've set up your local site, you can begin filling the site with pages. To do that, you'll need to create a page, give it a title, add some content to the page, and save it. To check your work, you should view the page in one or more Web browsers before you upload it to your Web server. Luckily, Dreamweaver makes it easy to view your work in different browsers. This chapter will help you get started building your website in Dreamweaver.

Adding Text to Your Page

In this section, we'll cover adding a bit of text to your page, just enough to get you started. You'll find a much more detailed discussion of working with text in Dreamweaver in Chapter 4. In short, adding text is a lot like typing text in any word processor.

To add text to a page:

  1. On the new page, click to set a blinking insertion point. You can press Enter (Return) to move the insertion point down on the page.
  2. Type your text. The text appears on the page, aligned to the left.

To format the text:

  1. On the Insert Bar, choose Text from the pop-up menu. The Text category of the Insert Bar appears ( Figure 3.13 ).

    Figure 3.13 Use the Text category of the Insert Bar to format your text.

  2. Using the Insert Bar and the Property Inspector, apply any formatting you want, as you would with a word processor. See Chapter 4 for much more detail about using the Text category of the Insert Bar.
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