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Creating a Local Site in Macromedia Dreamweaver 8

Chapter Description

Macromedia Dreamweaver enables you to develop and deploy your Web sites according to development best practices. As with any programming paradigm, it is recommended that you develop files in an environment separate from which a user can access. This enables developers to make changes to a site without any downtime and allows full testing prior to deploying new files. This chapter will help you work on a web page in a local environment.

Sample Questions

  1. Where can you indicate that Dreamweaver should compare all links using case-sensitive checking?

    1. Site definition
    2. Link Checking menu
    3. Results panel
    4. Files panel
  2. How can you share your site definition with other members of your development team?

    1. You cannot share your site definition
    2. Send them the sitename.xml file from Dreamweaver's configuration folder.
    3. Export the site definition from the Manage Sites dialog
    4. Export the site definition from the Files panel
  3. In a Site definition, what is the default method of resolving link paths?

    1. Absolute paths
    2. Site root-relative paths
    3. Document-relative paths
    4. There is no default