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Animating Text in Adobe After Effects 7.0

Chapter Description

After Effects offers many ways to animate text. You can animate text layers by manually creating keyframes in the Timeline panel, by using animation presets, or by using expressions. You can even animate individual characters or words in a text layer. This lesson takes you through several different animation techniques, including some that are unique to text, while you design the opening title credits for an animated documentary called The Pond.

Animating the letters’ opacity

Let’s take the animation of the director’s name a little farther having it fade on-screen as the letters expand. To do this, you’ll animate the layer’s Opacity property using plain old keyframes.

  1. Select the Your Name Here layer in the Credits Timeline panel.
  2. Press T to reveal only its Opacity property.
  3. Go to 7:10 and set the Opacity to 0. Then, click the stopwatch icon (stopwatch.gif) to set an Opacity keyframe.
  4. Go to 7:20 and set the Opacity to 100%. After Effects adds a second keyframe. Now, the letters of the director’s name should fade as they expand on-screen.

    Watch another manual preview to see the change you made.

  5. Drag the current-time indicator across the time ruler between 7:10 and 9:10 to see the letters of the director’s name now fade in as they spread out.
  6. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) the ending Opacity keyframe and choose Keyframe Assistant > Easy Ease In.
  7. Choose File > Save.
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