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Basic Photo Corrections in Photoshop CS2

Chapter Description

Adobe Photoshop includes a variety of tools and commands for improving the quality of a photographic image. This lesson steps you through the process of acquiring, resizing, and retouching a photo intended for a print layout. The same basic work-flow applies to Web images.

Comparing automatic and manual results

Near the beginning of this lesson, you adjusted the lesson image using only automatic color and value controls. For the rest of the lesson, you painstakingly applied manual adjustments to get specific results. Now it’s time to compare the two.

  1. Choose File > Open Recent > 03Auto.psd, if it is available. Otherwise, choose File > Open, navigate to the Lessons/Lesson03 folder, and open the file.
  2. Choose Window > Arrange > Tile Vertically to position the 03Auto.psd and the 03Work.psd image windows side by side.
  3. Visually compare the two results.



  4. Close the 03Auto.psd file.

    For some designers, the automatic commands may be all they’ll ever need. For others with more sensitive visual requirements, manual adjustments are the way to go. The best of both worlds is when you understand the trade-offs of the two methods and can choose one or the other according to your requirements for the specific project and image.

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