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Working in Edit View of Adobe Audition 2.0

Chapter Description

In this lesson, you’ll work with a series of files in the Edit View. The Edit View allows you to view and edit audio files in a waveform display. Editing is simple with Audition’s selection tools, allowing you to cut, copy, mix and trim audio clips with precision. Effects such as Normalize, Reverb, and Stereo Field Rotate can easily be applied and also saved as favorites. The Preroll and Postroll Preview makes working with effects easier than ever.

Exploring on Your Own

  1. If you have not already previewed the Loopology collection of music clips which ships with Audition, create a new session in the Multitrack View and import two or three clips. Enter the Edit View and experiment with some of the different effects in the Effects panel.
  2. Try adding one of the Studio Reverb presets to a drum track. Certain effects work better on certain classes of instruments. Chorus effects work well with single instruments or voices by enriching the presence of the track. To learn more about the behavior of certain effects, use the Help button in any effects window.
  3. To change the length of the Preroll and Postroll, right-click on the Play button and choose Preroll and Postroll Options.
  4. Use the Fade Out favorite to modify a waveform. Compare this process to the Amplify/Fade effect you used earlier in this lesson.