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Create Text-Based Links in Dreamweaver 8

Chapter Description

In this lesson, you’ll develop the initial framework of the site structure by developing placeholders for the pages in the Yoga Sangha project site. You’ll link these pages together using Dreamweaver’s visual site-mapping tools to create a working test site. Creating this kind of framework through pages and links in a bare but functional version of the site can help you test the navigation that you have developed. Testing the proposed site structure before creating the design will help you catch fundamental problems at the beginning of development, enabling you to address them more efficiently.

Saving the Site Map

  1. From the Files panel menu (Windows) or through the panel Options menu on the right top side of the Files panel (Macintosh), choose File > Save Site Map.

    The Save Site Map dialog box opens so you can save the site map as a graphic. At times, you might need to share the site map with people outside Dreamweaver. The option to save the site map as a graphic makes it easier to show that site map to others. On Macintosh computers, the graphic is saved in PICT format. On Windows computers, the site-map graphic is saved in either PNG or BMP format.

  2. In the File name text box, type project_yoga and save the file into the Lesson_03_Links folder.

The site map is saved as a graphic that can be printed or viewed in an image editor.

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