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Create Text-Based Links in Dreamweaver 8

Chapter Description

In this lesson, you’ll develop the initial framework of the site structure by developing placeholders for the pages in the Yoga Sangha project site. You’ll link these pages together using Dreamweaver’s visual site-mapping tools to create a working test site. Creating this kind of framework through pages and links in a bare but functional version of the site can help you test the navigation that you have developed. Testing the proposed site structure before creating the design will help you catch fundamental problems at the beginning of development, enabling you to address them more efficiently.

Inserting E-mail Links

Providing a linked e-mail address makes it easy for your visitors to contact you from a Web page. You should always include some method of contact that allows visitors to correspond or interact with someone in your organization.

There are two ways to insert an e-mail link in Dreamweaver. You can either insert both the text and the e-mail address for the link at the same time, or you can add a link to text that already exists on the page. You’ll learn to do both in this exercise.

  1. In index.html click at the end of the date at the bottom of the document, press the spacebar, and type by followed by another space.

    You will insert an e-mail link here, in the next step.

  2. Click the Email Link button in the Common category of the Insert bar or choose Insert > Email Link.

    The Email Link dialog box appears, displaying options for text and e-mail.

  3. In the Text text field, enter your name. In the Email text field, enter your e-mail address; then click OK.

The text appears on the page as a link. The Property inspector shows “mailto:” followed by the e-mail address in the Link text field when you place the insertion point within the link.

If you select text that is already on the page and then open the Insert Email Link dialog box, the selected text appears in the Text text field.

Contact information commonly appears at the bottom of a page, often near copyright information.

You can also create e-mail links by typing mailto: immediately followed by your e-mail address in the Link text field on the Property inspector—when doing so, make sure that you type the colon and do not leave a space between the colon and your e-mail address.

You can save and close the index.html file.

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