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Building a Slideshow Presentation with Picture Tasks

Chapter Description

Suppose you need to present a series of photographs to a committee that will decide which one belongs in a company brochure. Or imagine that you are preparing a collection of shots, one of which will appear in a newspaper ad. How can you present the selection of possibilities to a client in a way that is both professional and interesting? Acrobat 7 includes a plug-in called Picture Tasks that allows you to easily manage a group of images and prepare different types of output, including a slideshow and various print options. In this chapter's project, you'll learn how to use the plug-in to create a slideshow and customize it, as well as to send the final product automatically by e-mail from within Acrobat.

Steps Involved in This Project

Susan can work entirely from within Acrobat's Picture Tasks plug-in to create the presentation as well as different print versions of her images. She can also e-mail the presentation right from Acrobat.

First, she plans to import the images into Acrobat in a binder, or combined PDF document. After using the Picture Tasks' features, she'll have a slideshow complete with a title, slide transitions, and music.

To create her slideshow, Susan needs to

  1. Import the group of images into Acrobat, where they are converted to PDF
  2. Open the Picture Tasks' Export to Slideshow dialog and configure the slide-show's contents, adding a title, transitions, and music
  3. E-mail the slideshow PDF to her client

You can work with a range of image formats in Acrobat. Susan is working with JPEG images, so we'll focus our discussion on that format.

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