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Real World Adobe Creative Suite 2: View from the Bridge

Chapter Description

Adobe Creative Suite 2 introduces an new application-- Adobe Bridge--for visually managing the different file types you'll work on within the CS2 applications. Just as the Bridge on the starship Enterprise was the main hub for all the ship's departments, the Adobe Bridge helps you work better with all the CS2 applications. In this chapter you'll get an introduction to Adobe Bridge and learn its major features.

Trying New Workflows

In this chapter we introduced you to Adobe Bridge, a new application in Adobe Creative Suite 2. We've shown you how it provides a more visual way of working with files from InDesign and Illustrator, as well as PDF and image files. We've suggested some ways that you can make it your hub when working with the Suite.

Experiment with the new features and techniques we've shown you here, and adapt them to the way you work. You'll find the effort worth it, because using Adobe Bridge can integrate your use of the Creative Suite applications and improve your productivity.